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your day starts with a nice cuppa tea

Arrive at the workshop in Hatton Garden. Have a cup of tea or coffee and discuss design ideas with your designated Jeweller.

then the fun begins

Melting & Pouring
Under expert supervision you will begin your experience by melting your chosen metal using gas and oxygen. Once melted you will pour the molten metal into a skillet.

Milling & Bending
You will mill the metal out into square wire & then into D shape, Flat or Court shape wire.

Sawing & Join Soldering
You will saw the surplus metal off and bring the two ends together. The metal is bent into a rough ring shape, with the correct ring size.

Filling & Buffing
You file off any surplus solder & generally shape the ring. We then buff the rings to remove the file marks and put the final shape into your rings.

once the flames are extinguished & the hard work is done we break out the champagne & beers!

Spinning & Polishing
We're almost finished. To complete the experience you will buff and polish your rings

Reserve a date to make your rings from £150 per person
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